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Healing from disease and "uninformed" nano tech/biosynthetics

The EUA act for Covid protected swabs, mrna vaccines, blue medical masks has allowed these pharmaceutical companies to inject, insert, and use coercion and lack of "real informed consent" to maneuver their technologies into our biochemistry these past 2 years! And so forth from GMO toxins, mk-ultra, faulty media portrayed lifestyles, and lack of connection to God. The real god wants us to be human- love- and calm enough to enjoy this Life Experience. PDF and Videos are to provide guidance and thought-provoking thinking. We can Conceptualize a better future. We can work our assess off to STAND UP- AND RESIST THE OPPRESSOR. AT LEAST TRY TO FOR THIS NEXT GENERATION. Society does not need to be demonic- oppressed- or decieved.


- Roy