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PDF & Video description on mrna nano dangers, real MRI with graphene oxide

Concerns about EUA protected ingredients in mrna vaccines, covid swabs, insert devices. (Nov. 6th 2021 UPDATE Live Stream)

I myself got very sick after a covid (Abbott ID Now) Nasopharyngeal swab test in October 2020. Since then I have studied the disease itself (sars cov-2) and various central nervous system inhibitors, nanotechnology, liver and colon cleanse detoxes, herbology, and basics on radiation reduction. The pdf provided is all cited information. 2nd livestream of the October 3rd 2021 video of my pdf file I shared originally on Sept.1st 2021.



Part 3- Abott ID Now Swab Injury, tinctures, 6g,Vegan, Iodine-Kelp

On my Brighteon Video channel there are 7-8 WYOMING DETOX video recaps of what I have learned and been doing to reduce nano build up in my system and "dis" ease. Beyond the deception, we must fight for our right to remain human- loving beings- people of care- and those striving to overcome oppressive governments.



These videos will "WAKE YOU UP" to what is really happening today

Tony's "Anti-nano bucket" and Yah'ki Awakeneds lectures on parasites/herpes

When I first was learning about Dr. Sebi, detoxing the body, alkaline vegan diet, and herbal colon cleanses I was finally learning self care, proper diet, and better ways to manage disease in 2019. I was astonished by how much of what I learned in these various facebook detox groups and what was working to eliminate my herpes, asthma, joint pains, skin inflammation, and brain fog. Much is Diet and Prayer, herbal colon cleanses, herbal tinctures, Epsom Salt Detox Baths, and spiritual growth that can lead to Mindfulness. Radiation reduction and climbing back to "Present Mindedness" will be key in this revolution. 

Much of this was not shared by medical doctors I interacted with or they represented it as false healing. They were wrong and did their best to try and steer me away from proper self-care between 2019-2021.

Tony's videos and podcasts for the past 7 years go into nano-technology, "nano fibers", and biosynthetics. This can be a rude awakening for some- but it just is what is.

Yah'ki takes much influence from the studies of Dr. Alfons Weber, Hulda Clark, and the research of Leonard Horowitz.

Dr. Weber of Germany in the 1970's was one of the first scientists to prove that Cancer is the abundance of parasites- its eggs- and the fungi/yeast or bacteria that grow from these contaminants in one's body. 



Such a great book on identifying manmade cancer diseases for eugenics/cell mutation & big pharma profits. This video lecture shows the science findings on the politics of domesticating humans to assure power to the rockefeller family and cia. Very valuable to understand.

Aids was one of the first playbooks for pandemics such as "COV 19".

God is Love. Comprehend beyond the deception  and coercion. Check out Leonard Horowitz's other books, natural medicine, 528Love tuning forks, and orgone energy healing. Become your own Researcher of truth and strength. 



bargain- trade- organic farm- with like minded people in your region/town

Freedom Cells are peer to peer groups organizing themselves in a decentralized manner with the collective goal of asserting the sovereignty of group members through peaceful resistance and the creation of alternative institutions.- "Freedom Cells"

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MRNA Report- deaths-shingles-low platelets- brand

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